Super-insulated pipework


EPS PIPE - VENT is a new revolutionary method for insulating temperature sensitive buried ventilation ducts.

With the EPS's superior insulation ability you will keep the energy losses to a minimum.

Energy losses for a ventilation duct DN315:
With an air temperature of 20°C and a ground temperature of 14°C the energy losses is around 19W/m. With a 70mm EPS VENT insulation the losses is reduced to 3W/m.

In addition to lowering the energy losses, the element of refilling around the pipes are reduced as the EPS PIPE has a flat foundation.

The EPS material has really good characteristics in terms of sustainability and weight, and is a well established building material in Sweden.

The standard system of EPS PIPE covers dimensions DN200 to DN1200 for Uponors UVS. However, on demand we can insulate any other brands of pipes.


PIPE - Ventilation - Product Specification
Insulation for underground ventilation

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